Co-curricular Activities [2017-18]

Students active outside the classroom, do better inside the classroom.
Activity : Advance tools & technology workshop -2017
Date : 09,10,11/10/2017
Description : Three days workshoop is arrend for the final year students of IT. Experts are invited from different companies to guide the students about the current topics and trends in IT. Seminar onApp Development using iPhone,Advanced web Designing,Android appication Development,Multimedia -Animation,Wordpress,Unity Game Development is arranged.

Activity : Thesis Writing Seminar
Date : 07/10/2017
Given By Assistant Professor Gayatri R. Yadav, Dr. Hitesh Jasani, Dr. Hiral Kriplani
Description : • Topic Selection
• Google Scholar & NCBI
• Rules & Criteries for Thesis Writing

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 06/10/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Hiral Kriplani
Description : • Expert Lecture on induced pluripotent stem cell

Activity : Seminar Of Traffic ,Fire, ATM Safety
Date : 04/10/2017
Given By : Asst. Prof Yesha Dave
Description :

• Display the videos of ATM safety
• TRAFFIC rules & safety, FIRE safety, save water, plastic used harmful,air pollution,environment polution

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 20/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Bhavika Pandya
Description : • Expert Lecture on Tattoo and microbes
• History,methods
• Type of tattoo

Activity : Seminar on iReport in JAVA Swing
Date : 18/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara
Description : • Developing MDI based application in JAVA Swing
• JDBC Connection with Derby Database in 4NF Database Format
• Creating Jasper Report(iReport) in Swing
• Printing iReport in Printer or Save as PDF
• Deploying MDI project on another computer (Setup based work)

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 15/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Bhavika Hirani
Description : • Types of waste
• Waste disposal

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 15/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. KRUPA THUMAR
Description : • Type of pcr
• Importance of RT PCR

Activity : Seminar on Gesture & Posture Seminar
Date : 15/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Seema Lalani
Description : • Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
• Gestures & postures used in daily Life

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 14/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Bansi Aghera
Description : • Expert Lecture on PGPR
• importance of pgpr
• future research scope of pgp

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 14/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Raxit Maradia
Description : • Expert Lecture on competitive mathematics
• Information Regarding Various short cut in competitive maths

Activity : Blind Day – Social Visit
Date : 14/09/2017
Visit By : IT- Classes [B.Sc.(IT)-Sem-1 & 3] [B.C.A.-Sem- 1 & 3]
Description :

• Student visite National Association for the Blind Junagadh District Branch

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 13/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Gayatri R. Yadav
Description : • Expert Lecture on Cosmetic Microbiology
• Microbial Spoilage of Cosmetic products & their chemical preservation
• Microbial testing of cosmetic products

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 13/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Ankita Chavda
Description : • Expert Lecture on Nanovaccine
• Difference between vaccine and nanovaccine
• Production of nanovaccine

Activity : Seminar on PROTO.IO application designing
Date : 11/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Dhara Vadaria
Description : • work online using email id
• Application design like tablet,iphone,ipad,android,smart watch
• Explain History ,work, how to use
• Example of iphone app designing

Activity : PM Narendra Modi's Speech
Date : 11/09/2017
Description :

• On the occasion of 125th anniversary of Chicago parisad-swami vivekanand
• PM Shri Narendra Modi has givan speech Youthy though webcast
• He told about importance of Cleanliness & swami vivekanand’s message...

Activity : Expert Lecture
Date : 12/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Komal Trambadiya
Description : • Expert Lecture on Probiotics
• Properties of Probiotic bacteria
• Probiotic foods

Activity : Clean Hostel Room Competition
Date : 08/09/2017
Description :

• Hostel Girls has clean theire rooms and Best 5 Rooms are selected.

Activity : Creative Design Using Photoshop
Date : 08/09/2017
Given By : Asst.Prof. Kevin Ladani
Description :

• creative poster and banner design
• Basic photoshop tools Exercise
• Advance photoshop Exercise

Activity : Swatchchata Pakhwada Celebration
Date : 08/09/2017
Given By   CCSIT COLLEGE Student
Description :

• Students has make the college campus clean

Activity : Seminar on OOP Concept in PHP
Date : 04/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Kalpesh Rudani
Description : • Dynamic table Operation using PHP
• Multiple file upload Concept With javascript

Date : 01/09/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Krupa Thumar
Description :

• Importance Of English

Activity : Seminar on Wordpress & Web hosting
Date : 28/08/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Description : • Introduction to Wordpress
• How to install and active theme
• How to install and active plugin
• Introduction to Domain ,how to register domain
• website hosting

Activity : Seminar on Vaccine
Date : 26/08/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Bhumika Joshi
Description : • Expert Lecture on Vaccine ?
• Types of Vaccine
• Time Intervals of Vaccine

Activity : Seminar on Google MDL
Date : 24/08/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Description : • What is MDL ?
• MDL Package Introduction
• MDL Component ,Class ,Library ,Package , Examples

Activity : Semianr on Material Science
Date : 24/08/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Jasmin Bhalodia
Description : • Information Regarding Various Branches of Science
• Details on Various Material And Characterisation

Activity : Internet Awareness Seminar
Date : 24/08/2017
Description :

• What is Internet?
• What is Browser,search engine?
• How to connect to internet?
• Searching techniques.
• How to Create e-mail account, etc...

Activity : Naye Bharat ka Sankalp
Date : 22/08/2017
Description : • All the students of college has taken oath for new India 2022

Activity : Quit India Quiz Contest
Date : 22/08/2017
Incharge Faculty   Asst Prof. Megha Koticha
Description :

• Student give online an exam on site
• student start exam exam 18 question related to Quit India Movement 18 marks and 10 minute time duration
• All student got Participation certificate..

Activity : Hardware Exhibition
Date : 03/08/2017
Given By   IT department-CCSIT
Description : • Introduction to hardware instruments with detail description and photographs

Cultural & Sports Day [ 28/07/2017]
Competition   Rangoli Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Dhameliya Payal Bhupatbhai Msc-Micro-3
Rank-2 Rupapara Mitali Rameshkumar DMLT

Competition   Chess Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Pithadiya Pratik Bhanjibhai Msc-Micro-3
Rank-2 Pandya Utsav Pankajbhai BSc-SEM-5
Rank-3 Hadavani Brijesh D. B.Sc(I.T) SEM-1

Competition   Rakhi Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Rupapara Mitali Rameshkumar DMLT
Rank-2 Dudhatra Riddhi Vijaybhai B.Sc-SEM-3
Rank-3 Dave Chandani Chetanbhai B.Sc-SEM-3

Competition   Halvu Kanthya Sangeet
Rank :
Rank-1 Vanra Anshul Brijeshbhai B.C.A SEM - 1
Rank-2 Dedania Kirmee Snehalkumar B.Sc-SEM-5
Rank-3 Zala Anjaliben Rameshbhai B.Sc-SEM-5

Competition   Cartooning Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Raiyani Bhumi Kantibhai B.Sc-SEM-3
Rank-2 Jivani Janki Manojbhai B.Sc-SEM-3

Competition   Drama Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Malli Happy Maheshbhai B.Sc-SEM-5
Madani Dinkalbahen Jagadishbhai
Sheladiya Gauriben Bharatbhai
Devani Avaniben Hiteshbhai
Vaghasiya Krupaben Jayantibhai
Hothi Surbhi Rajeshbhai
Joshi Sweta Divyesh
Dabhi Hitarthi Hirabhai
Shiyal Munniben Jivanbhai
Pandya Utsav Pankajbhai

Competition   Krishna Jhanki Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Chovatiya Sangitaben Kalubhai M.Sc.(Micro)-SEM-3
Dhameliya Payal Bhupatbhai
Kanani Ruchita Vinubhai
Suvagiya Ankita Dineshbhai
Vyas Shreya Bharatbhai

Competition   Drawing Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Ghosiya Chetana Ramjibhai DMLT
Rank-2 Rupapara Mitali Rameshkumar DMLT
Rank-3 Davara Nehaben Dilipbhai B.Sc-SEM-3

Competition   Drawing Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Ghosiya Chetana Ramjibhai DMLT
Rank-2 Rupapara Mitali Rameshkumar DMLT
Rank-3 Davara Nehaben Dilipbhai B.Sc-SEM-3

Competition   Debate Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Gohel Dushyant Nileshbhai (Che) SEM-1

Competition   Group Song Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Chovatiya Sangitaben Kalubhai B.Sc.-SEM-5
Dodiya Anjali Arajnbhai
Gadhesariya Komalben Dineshbhai
Gauswami Mayuri Sundarpari
Zala Anjaliben Rameshbhai

Competition   Swarachit Kavya Pathan Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Dobariya Palakben Prafulchandra SEM-3

Competition   Shloka Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Bagiya Hetal Kheemabhai SEM-3
Bagiya Aratiben Punjabhai

Competition   Elocution Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Khanpara Bhargavi Bharat MSc-Micro-3

Competition   Western Vocal Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Parmar Priyanka Manojbhai B.Sc SEM - 1

Competition   Badminton Competition (Girls)
Rank :
Rank-1 Manvar Ankita R. BCA SEM - 1
Rank-2 Makadiya Dhruviben S. B.Sc. SEM - 3
Rank-3 Modhavaniya Mirali B.Sc. SEM -1

Competition   Badminton Competition (Boys)
Rank :
Rank-1 Bhalodiya Uttamkumar J. B.Sc SEM- 3
Rank-2 Hinsu Meet N. B.Sc. SEM - 5
Rank-3 Kalkani Vivek G. B.Sc. SEM -1

BKNMU Youth Festival
Competition   Rangoli Competition
Participant :
Rank - 1 Dhameliya Payal Bhupatbhai M.Sc(Micro)-SEM - 5

Competition   Elocution Competition
Participant :
Rank - 1 Khanpara Bhargavi Bharatbhai M.Sc(Micro)-SEM - 5

Competition   Western Vocal
Participant :
Rank - 2 Parmar Priyanka Manoj B.Sc. SEM - 1

Competition   Halvu Kanthya Sangeet
Participant :
Rank - 3 Vanra Anshul Brijesh B.Sc.(I.T) SEM - 1

Competition   One Act Play(Group)
Participant :
Rank - 1 Parmar Aarti P. B.Sc-SEM - 1
Dav Hiral M.
Odedara Mital B.
Bapodra Riddhi A.
Sindhav Kinjal L.
Barad Bhargavee B.
Vasani Vrushti A.
Vaghani Nidhi J.
Bhut Himani R.
Desai Peri A.
Trambadiya Niralee
Pandya Bhavika S.

Competition   Drawing Competition
Participant :
Ghosiya chetna Ramjibhai DMLT

Competition   Debate Competition
Participant :
Gohel Dushyant Nileshbhai M.Sc.(Chem) SEM - 1
Jivani Umang Rajendra B.Sc. Sem-1

Activity : Seminar on Media Designing
Date : 24/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Mital Patoliya
Description : • Information Regarding Various Bacteriological media
• Details on Various Material use in media recipe
• Crude Media and Complete Media
• Criteria important for media designing

Activity : Seminar on Joomla! CMS
Date : 19/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Krishna Kandoria
Description : • What is CMS?
• What is Joomla!
• Advantages of Joomla
• Installation of Joomla

Activity : Seminar On Foreign Education
Date : 19/07/2017
Given By Ms. Gayatri Jani
Description : • Opportunities in Abroad
• Process for Foreign Education
• How to select course University
• Loan & Expenses
• Advantages & Disadvantages in Various Nation

Activity : Seminar on Positive Thinking
Date : 18/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Roshani Mori
Description : • seminar presentation on Positive thinking
• Explain by videos on How to concentrate on your study

Spoken Tutorial Exam [IT Dept.]
Exams :
  Date Class Subject
 06/09/2017 M.Sc.(IT & CA) SEM-3 Python
 30/08/2017 B.C.A SEM-3 Introduction to Computer
 30/08/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-3 Introduction to Computer
 29/08/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-5 Advanced Cpp
 28/08/2017 B.C.A SEM-6 Advanced Cpp
 23/08/2017 M.Sc.(IT & CA) SEM-1 PHP&MYSQL
11/08/2017 B.C.A SEM-1 Gedit Text Editor
  11/08/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-1 Gedit Text Editor
  03/08/2017 M.Sc.(IT & CA) Sem-3 JAVA
  03/08/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-5 Linux
  02/08/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-3 PHP &MYSQL
  02/08/2017 B.C.A SEM-3 PHP &MYSQL
  31/07/2017 B.C.A SEM-5 Linux
  27/07/2017 M.Sc.(IT & CA)-Sem 1 JAVA

Activity : Seminar on Data Science with R
Date : 17/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval
Description : • Introduction to R
• R markdown and what is data
• how data visulation is work in R

Activity : Seminar on Liquid Crystal
Date : 13/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Swati Daki
Description : • Applications of liquid crystal
• Crystal and types of liquid crystal with different modes of liquid crystal
• Diffrection Pattern of crystal and amorphous solid
• Crystalization of organic components

Activity : Discipline Maintenance Seminar
Date : 11/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Gayatri Yadav & Assistant Professor Chandni Rabadiya
Description : • Importance of discipline in Personal & Professional Life
• Self (Internal) Discipline
• Professional (External Discipline)
• College Discipline

Activity : Seminar on NodeJs and JQuery
Date : 10/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Kevin Ladani
Description : • Basic Script Example In JQuery
• Perform Insert, Update, Delete and Display operation using NodeJs & MongoDB Database.

Activity : Seminar on Less CSS Pre Processor
Date : 03/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Megha Koticha
Description : • Introduction to {less}
• {less} structure
• Variable/if/loop functionality
• Basic functions in {less}
• Color functions in {less}

Activity : Seminar on Nuclear Chemistry
Date : 29/06/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Maulik Raja
Description : • Information Regarding Various Branches of Chemistry
• Details on Radio Activity, Half life Time
• Details about Radio Activity Decay
• Panetration Power of Alpha, Beta Gama Rays

Activity : Seminar On TCS Ignite
Date : 27/06/2017
Given By Asst Prof. Megha Koticha
Description : • Introduction to TCS Ignite
• How to do registration
• Personal Information and reward points
• Tests and videos
• Interview Information
• MCA with Shastra Uni. Information

Activity : OS installation Seminar
Date : 26/07/2017
Given By Asst. Prof. Kalpesh Rudani
Description : • Introduction to BIOS
• What is bit, byte?
• How it work
• Difference between 32-bit os and 64-bit OS
• Display Installation of windows 8.1

Date : 21/06/2017
Given By Mr. Santibhai Raja
Description : • Chaalan Kriyas
• Yogaasana
• Pranayama
• Surya namskar

Saurashtra University Youth Festival
Competition   Halvu Kanthya Sangit
Participant :
Dedaniya Kirmee Snehalkumar B.Sc-SEM - 5

Competition   Group Song
Participant :
Dodiya Anjali Arajnbhai B.Sc-SEM - 5
Zala anjali Rameshbhai
Gadhesariya Komalben Dineshbhai
Gauswami Mayuri Sundarpari

Competition   Classical Dance
Participant :
Chauhan Drashti Prakashbhai B.Sc-SEM - 5

Competition   Bhajan
Participant :
Solanki Chetan G. B.Sc-SEM - 5

Competition   Harmonium
Participant :
Raj Kothadiya B.Sc-SEM - 5
Competition   Slow Cycling Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Vadaliya Drashti Mansukhlal B.C.A SEM - 3

Competition   Gujarat Quiz
Rank :
Rank-1 Modhavadiya Ram Manabhai B.Sc SEM- 1
Rank-1 Borad Rinkal Kishorbhai B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-1 Bhalodiya Vaibhavkumar Prafulbhai B.Sc. SEM -3
Rank-1 Dobariya Palakben Prafulchandra B.Sc SEM- 3
Rank-1 Fuletra Jeetkumar Maheshbhai B.Sc. SEM - 5
Rank-1 Bhatt Kajal Ileshkumar B.Sc. SEM -5

Teacher’s Day [ 05/09/2017]
Class   M.Sc.(I.T & C.A) SEM - 3
Rank :
Rank-1 Gajera Jaydeep Kanubhai

Class   M.Sc.(I.T & C.A) SEM - 1
Rank :
Rank-1 Zakhaniya Janviben Vipulbhai
Rank-2 Kalariya Mansi Anilkumar

Class   M.Sc.(MICRO) SEM - 3
Rank :
Rank-1 Kanasagara Khushbuben Dilipbhai
Rank-2 Lakkad Priyanshi Kantilal

Class   M.Sc.(MICRO) SEM - 1
Rank :
Rank-1 Sanghani Pragnaben Vithhalbhai
Rank-2 Vyas Shreya Bharatbhai

Class   B.Sc.(MICRO) SEM - 5
Rank :
Rank-1 Solanki Monaliben Viralbhai
Rank-2 Barad Binal Kishorbhai

Class   B.Sc.(I.T) / B.C.A SEM - 3
Rank :
Rank-1 Babwani Azim Chhotubhai
Rank-2 Babwani Ashiya Chhotubhai

Class   B.Sc.(I.T) / B.C.A SEM - 1
Rank :
Rank-1 Javia Kishan Chandulal

Class   B.Sc.SEM (Micro) - 1
Rank :
Rank-1 Gardhariya Parthkumar Mukeshbhai
Rank-2 Kundariya Jinkal Nitinbhai

Class   DMLT
Rank :
Rank-1 Rupapara Mitali Rameshkumar
Rank-2 Suchak Naynaben Nanalal

Competition   Chemistry Quiz
Rank :
Rank-1 Chhatrala Pallavi Mansukhbhai SEM - 3
Doabariya Palakben Prafulchandra
Savani Seva Vijaybhai

Competition   I.T Quiz
Rank :
Rank-1 Babwani Azim Chhotubhai B.Sc.(I.T) SEM -3
Rathod Hardik Kanabhai
Simejiya Raju Bharatbhai
Rank :
Rank-2 Vagadiya Seemaben Dineshbhai B.Sc.(I.T) SEM -1
Vandra Anshul Brijeshbhai
Nandaniya Govind Meraman
Rank :
Rank-3 Dholariya Jinal Lakhamanbhai B.Sc.(I.T) SEM -5
Vyas Khushali Amitbhai
Kaneriya Vaibhavi Maganbhai

Competition   Swachchhata Pakhawada Elocution competition (Clean India)
Rank :
Rank-1 Makdiya Priyaben Jentibhai B.Sc SEM- 1
Rank-2 Khanpara Bhargavi Bharat M.Sc.(Micro) SEM - 3
Rank-3 Kalariya Mansi Anilkumar M.Sc.(I.T & C.A) SEM -1

Navratri Festival
Competition   Well Play Princess
Rank :
Rank-1 Vekariya Vasudhabahen Rajubhai B.Sc. SEM- 3
Rank-2 Panara Shivani Ramnikbhai B.Sc.(I.T) SEM - 5
Rank-3 Dobariya Palakben Prafulchandra B.Sc.SEM - 3

Competition   Well Play Prince
Rank :
Rank-1 Hinsu Meet Narotambhai B.Sc. SEM - 5

Competition   Well Dress Princess
Rank :
Rank-1 Vaghasiya Charmi Babulal B.Sc. SEM- 3
Rank-2 Aghera Mansi Kishorkumar B.Sc. SEM- 1
Rank-3 Mandaliya Riddhi Rajeshbhai B.Sc. SEM- 3

Competition   Well Dress Prince
Rank :
Rank-1 Kothadiya Raj Ramnikbhai M.Sc. (Che) SEM - 1

Aarti,Garba-Dandiya Decoration Competition
Competition   Aarti Decoration
Rank :
Rank-1 Suchak Naynaben Nanalal DMLT
Rank-2 Adhaduk Jinalben Mahendrabhai M.Sc.(Che) SEM - 1
Rank-3 Dobariya Palakben Prafulchandra B.Sc.SEM - 3

Competition   Dandiya & Garba Decoration
Rank :
Rank-1 Jarsaniya Dhavalkumar Jayantilal B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-2 Dave Chandani Chetanbhai B.Sc. SEM - 3

Competition   Chemistry Quiz
Rank :
Rank-1 Mehta Shivani Rajeshbhai B.Sc SEM- 1
Rank-2 Gardhariya Avani Jayendrakumar B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-3 Jadav Vibhuti Ranjitbhai B.Sc. SEM -3
Rank-1 Dobariya Palakben Prafulchandra B.Sc SEM- 3
Rank-1 Fuletra Jeetkumar Maheshbhai B.Sc. SEM - 5
Rank-1 Bhatt Kajal Ileshkumar B.Sc. SEM -5

Competition   Bioscience Quiz
Rank :
Rank-1 Sata Mansi Dharmendra B.Sc SEM- 3
Bhalani Mansiben Mukeshbhai
Barad Purvangiben Raghubhai
Rank-2 Faldu Bhakti Dineshbhai B.Sc SEM- 1
Patoliya Aashuta Pankajbhai
Sureja Keshvi Vinodbhai
Rank-3 Kotadiya Ayushi Kamleshbhai B.Sc SEM- 1
Purohit Prarthana Hareshkumar
Bapodara Riddhi Ashokbhai

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