Co-curricular Activities [2016-17]
Students active outside the classroom,
do better inside the classroom.
Activity : Scholarship Cum Entrance Test for M.Sc.- 2017
Date : 03/04/2017
Description : MCQ test is arranged for M. Sc.Entrance. Student attempt Entrance Test for getting Scholarship in M.Sc.(IT & CA), M.Sc.(Microbiology), M.Sc.(Chemistry),

Activity : Assistance Program of Job Placement
Date : 02/04/2017
Description : CCSIT organize Assistance program of Job Placement for B.Sc./B.Sc.(IT)/B.C.A. Sem 6, M.Sc.(IT / MICRO), DMLT students. Mr. Bakul Bhatt from Perfect Placement came to college and gave guidance to students regarding to Industries, Industries requirements, etc.

Days Celebration February -2017
Day :
  Date Day
 15-02-2017(WED) MIS-MATCH DAY
 16-02-2017(THU) PASSENGER DAY
 17-02-2017(FRI) BLACK & WHITE DAY
 18-02-2017(SAT) TWIN/GROUP DAY
 20-02-2017(MON) INJURY DAY
 21-02-2017(TUE) SCHOOL DAY
 22-02-2017(WED) SIGNATURE DAY
Activity : Seminar on Deploying Android App on Google Play Store
Date : 25/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara
Description : • How to create apk file
• How to setup content on Google Developer Console.

Activity : Seminar on BlueVoda
Date : 23/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Dhara Vadaria
Description : • Explained history and use of editor, use of various tools
• Create static and dynamic template
• Explained all tool with Example

Activity : Seminar on 3 Tier Architecture in Using HTML control
Date : 17/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Kalpesh Rudani
Description : • In ASP .net 3 Tier Architecture using HTML control
• Insert,update,delete,display module using class file & HTML Control .

Activity : Seminar On CodeIgnite
Date : 09/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Seema Lalani
Description : • Introductions
• Characteristics • Libraries
• Creating database
• Connecting files to db
• Creating controllers and application usages.

Activity : Women Empowerment Meet
Date : 07/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Description : • Display video,speech regarding to Women Empowerment.

Activity : Seminar on Data Warehousing & Data Mining
Date : 03/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval
Description : • What Is Data Warehouse
• What is data mart
• How ETL is work
• How to create Data Warehouse in sql server data tools
• How to extract csv file in sql server 2012 using SQL server data tools

Activity : Seminar on Spring Framework
Date : 01/02/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Description : • Introduction Spring Framework
• Modules of Spring and Simple Application demo
• JDBC with Spring

Spoken Tutorial Exam [IT Dept.]
Exams :
  Date Class Subject
 09/01/2017 B.C.A SEM-6 C++
 06/02/2017 B.C.A SEM-6 LINUX
 03/03/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-6 JAVA
 17/03/2017 B.C.A SEM-4 PHP & MYSQL
 17/03/2017 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-4 PHP & MYSQL
 18/03/2017 B.C.A/ B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-2 C Language
 18/03/2017 B.C.A/ B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-2 C Language
 23/03/2017 B.C.A / B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-2 LaTeX

Competition   Programming competition for B.Sc(IT) SEM-2 & B.C.A. SEM- 2
Rank :
Rank-1 Rathod Hardik Kanabhai B.Sc.(IT) SEM-2
Rank-2 Ardeshana Akshay Jagdishbhai B.C.A SEM-2
Rank-3 Vadaliya Drashti Mansukhlal B.C.A SEM-2

Republic Day Celebration-2017
Competition   Card Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Sardhara Ruku Mukeshbhai B.Sc.-SEM-2
Rank-2 Vyas Shreya Bharatbhai M.Sc.(MB)-SEM-2
Rank-3 Vachhani Shreya Nileshbhai B.Sc.-SEM-4

Competition   Mahendi Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Zora Anjnaben D. B.Sc.-SEM-2
Rank-2 Vinchhi Chhayaben R. B.Sc.-SEM-4
Rank-3 Barad Manishaben N. B.Sc.-SEM-6

Competition   Nail Art Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Pabani Palak H. B.Sc.-SEM-6
Rank-2 Ram Heenaben A. B.Sc.-SEM-6

Competition   Patriotic Song Singing Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Dedaniya Kirmee S. B.Sc.-SEM-4
Rank-2 Sharma Sunny J. M.Sc.(MB)-SEM
Rank-3 Joshi Shreya M. B.Sc.-SEM-6

Competition   Rangoli Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Gondaliya Asha K. B.Sc.-SEM-6
Rank-2 Zora Anjana D. B.Sc.-SEM-2
Rank-3 Bhut Nidhi B. M.Sc.MB) SEM-4

Competition   Tatoo Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Dodiya Nidhi V. B.Sc.-SEM-4
Rank-2 Vekariya Komal J. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-6
Rank-3 Savaliya Shraddha DMLT

Competition   Double Lined Writing Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Babwani Azim C. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-2
Rank-2 Serathiya Vasu Ratibhai BCA SEM-2
Rank-3 Joshi Kinjal Gunvatbhai M.Sc.(MB)-SEM-2

Activity : Seminar On Advance Telerik Controls
Date : 21/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof .Kevin Ladani
Description :

• Radscript manager
• Advantages
• Diff types of control
• Example

Activity : Seminar on Tally
Date : 28/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof .Krishna Kandoria
Description :

• What is account?
• Diff between manual and computerized A/C.
• Intro to accounting software.
• Intro to tally.
• Transaction.

Activity : Seminar on IMMUNOLOGY
Date : 20/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Nehal Pandya
Description : What is IMMUNOLOGY?
Cause for diff disease.
How to tack precaution against this disease.

Youth Day(Swami Vivekanand's Birthday)-2017
Competition   Poster Presentation of Swami Vivekanand's Thoughts
Rank :
Rank-1 Jani Nidhi Dhirenkumar B.Sc-SEM-2
Rank-2 Zora Anjnaben D. B.Sc-SEM-2
Rank-3 Bodar Dipali Rambhai B.Sc-SEM-2
Rank-3 Parmar Aresha Maldebhai B.Sc-SEM-4

Competition   Elocution Competition (Swami Vivekanad's Message to Youth)
Rank :
Rank-1 Kalariya Mansi Anilkumar B.Sc.(IT) SEM-6
Rank-2 Mannar Hima V raja B.Sc.(IT) SEM-6
Rank-3 Vekariya Komal Jaysukhbhai B.Sc.(IT) SEM-6
Rank-3 Chavda Priyank Dineshbhai B.Sc. SEM-6

Competition   Translation Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Surani Shruti Prafulbhai B.Sc. SEM-6
Rank-2 Vyas Riddhiben Manishbhai B.Sc. SEM-4
Rank-3 Joshi Kinjal Gunvatbhai M.Sc.(MB) SEM-2
Rank-3 Acharya Parigna Viranchibhai B.Sc. SEM-6

Activity : Seminar on Branches of Science
Date : 19/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Chandani Rabadiya
Description : Information about different branches of science is given.

Activity : Industrial Visit
Date : 16/01/2017
Description : Students actively visited Pharma & Agri Industry Basic Life Science Pvt. Ltd., Relince Life Science and Asiatic Green Agrico Pvt. Ltd.

Activity : Sakkar Baug Zoo Camp
Date : 13/01/2017
Participants   M. Sc. (Microbiology) and DMLT Students
Description : One day camp was organized by Sakkar Buag Zoo for awareness on forest conservation and animal ethics. Asst. Prof. Dharmesh Sherathia and Asst. Prof. Nehal Pandya was in-charge faculties.

Activity : Seminar On HDFS-PIG
Date : 12/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Description : Hadoop ,Big Data, HDFS working , Set up Environment of pig , Linux Basic Commands,PIG overview PIG Data Loading , Storeing , Retriving , Grouping , Displaying , Exporting data to linux file, Distinct data, condition on data.

Activity : Seminar On Google Map
Date : 07/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof .Megha Koticha
Description : How to add Google Map in Script?
Types of Map, Properties of Map (zoom Location)
UI controls of map
Control option & Positioning

Date : 06/01/2017
Given By   Assi Prof. Dr. Keyur Ram
Description :

Basic Information About  The PG Courses And For Competitive Entrance Exam In IIT JAM

Activity : Personality Developement
Date : 04/01/2017
Given By   Asst. Prof .Seema Lalani
Description : Body Language , Importance of Communication Skill, Ethics to be followed, types of personality.

Class :
BCA / B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-2
Rank :
Rathod Hardik Kanabhai
Ardeshana Akshay Jagdishbhai
Vadaliya Drashti Mansukhlal
Class :
BCA / B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-4
Rank :
Muliyashiya Raju Lakhmanbhai
Dholariya Jinal Lakhamanbhai
Vyas Khushali Amitbhai
Class :
Rank :
Paghadar Palakben Chimanbhai
Parmar Dharmik Rajendrabhai
Chapadiya Savan Shaileshbhai
Activity : HADOOP Seminar
Date : 17/12/2016
Given By   Mr. Herminder Singh (Sunshine Group of Institution)
Description : Seminar on Hadoop and Big data is arranged. He gave the information related big data, data management, Hadoop and HDFS,

Digital India seminar
Class :
  Class Taken By
 B.C.A SEM-6 Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-6 Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
 B.C.A SEM-4 Asst. Prof. Kevin Ladani
 B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-4 Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara
 B.C.A/B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-2 Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval
Activity : GSBTM Seminar on Biotechnology Awareness
Date : 02/12/2016
Given By   Dr. Nutan Sharma
Dr. Anul Kumar
Description : One hour seminar was conducted and one test was also organized for evaluationofstudent those who want to go for coaching programme organised by GSBTM

Activity : TELLY9 Seminar
Date : 18/10/2016
Given By   Nitin Kaneriya
Description : •How to work in Telly9
• what is accounting,types of accounting

Navratri Festival - [10/10/2016]
Competition   Well Play Prince
Rank :
Rank-1 Gajera Jaydeep K. M.Sc.(IT & CA ) SEM-1
Rank-2 Pipaliya Chirag B.Sc.(CHEM)  SEM-5

Competition   Well Play Princess
Rank :
Rank-1 Dobariya Palak B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-2 Vekariya Komal J. B.Sc.(IT)  SEM-5
Rank-3 Santoki Charmi B.Sc.(BIOTECH)  SEM-5

Competition : Well Dress Prince
Rank :
Rank-1 Serathiya Vasu Ratibhai BCA SEM-1
Rank-2 Bhadaraka Mayur B.Sc.(CHEM) SEM-5

Competition : Well Dress Princess
Rank :
Rank-1 Pabani Palak  B.Sc.(BIOTECH)  SEM-5
Rank-2 Panara Shivani R. B.Sc.(IT)  SEM-3
Rank-3 Vaghasiya Charmi B.Sc.  SEM-1

Activity : Bhartiya Sanskruti Gyan Pariksha-2016
Date : 07/10/2016
Description : Students are participating in sanskrit regarding exam organized by  Gayatri Gyan Mandir

Activity : Macaw Seminar 
Given By : Dahar Vadariya
Date : 29/09/2016
Description : • History,Features  of Macaw
• Example of Macaw(create template)
• Tools  intro
• Use of all  toolbox like container,input ,button

Activity : Advance Tools & Technology Seminar [IT Dept.]
Date : 24,26,27/09/2016
Description : Three days workshoop is arrend for the final year students of IT. Experts are invited from different companies to guide the students about the current topics and trends in IT. Seminar on IOS,Open Cart,PHP 7,Flash & Illustrator,Networking is arranged.

Activity : IBPS Seminar
Given By : Mr. R.H.Khodiyatar
Date : 23/09/2016
Description : • Introduction to Rural bank & IBPS.
• Types of exam:Prelims & Mains
• Criteria & Exam Structure,Exam & Result date ,How to apply,etc.

Activity : IIT Spoken Seminar On Python
Given By : Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Date : 23/09/2016
Description : • Introduction about Python IDE.
• How to run & save python program
• Variable declaration ,looping structure in Python with example.
• Array in Python.

Activity : MVC in PHP Seminar
Given By :  Asst. Prof. Krishna Kandoria
Date : 22/09/2016
Description : • Introduction of MVC in PHP.
• Object Oriented in MVC in PHP

Activity :  Google Form Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Foram Hirani
Date : 21/09/2016
Description : • How to create google form?
• How to add different question in form.
• How to validate answer in each question?
• How to sent link on email or facebook?
• How to store response in spread sheet?

Activity :  Free Lancing Seminar 
Given By : Asst. Prof.  Kalpesh Rudani
Date : 20/09/2016
Description : • Introduction about freelancing,Fivver,Upword.
• Create account seller & buyer in free lancing ,fivver,upword
• How to create gige,proposal.

Activity : Scala  Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Date : 19/09/2016
Description : • Introduction of Scala.
• Installation of scala
• Environment Setting
• Interactive scripting Mode
• Web framework

Activity : TCS Ignite Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Megha Koticha
Date : 18/09/2016
Description : • What is TCS ignite program.
• Criteria for registration.
• How to register.

Activity : Cloud Computing Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. Seema Lalani
Date   15/09/2016
Description : • Definition ,Deployment & Service Model of cloud.
• Architecture of Cloud.
• Application of Cloud.

Activity : Employbillity Skill Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Date   14/09/2016
Description : • Resume building
• Cover letter building
• Interview facing tips
• Body language for interview

Activity : Udemi Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval
Date   12/09/2016
Description : • Introduction about UDEMI.
• Requirement of Udemi.
• How to found free course,videos & certificate.
• How to login

Activity : Android Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Date   07/09/2016
Description : • Introduction to Android.
• Terminology of Android.
• Android Application Hirarchi.
• How to Develop Android Application

Spoken Tutorial Exam [IT Dept.]
Exams :
  Date Class Subject

 07/09/2016 M.Sc.(IT CA) SEM-3 PHP
 07/09/2016 B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5 JAVA
 06/09/2016 M..Sc.(IT & CA) SEM-3 C Language
 06/09/2016 BCA SEM-5 JAVA
 31/08/2016 B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5 PHP & MYSQL
 30/08/2016 BCA SEM-5 PHP & MYSQL
 12/08/2016 BCA SEM-3 C Language
 11/08/2016 B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3 C Language

Activity : Motivational Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Foram Hirani, Asst. Prof. Yesha Dave
Date : 05/09/2016
Description : Display the motivational videos 

Teachers Day - [05/09/2016]
Class : First Year
Rank :
Rathod Hardik K
B.Sc.(IT) SEM-1

Class : Second Year
Rank :
Vyas Khushali A.
B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3

Class : Third Year
Rank :
Kalariya Mansi A.
B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5
Rank-2 Mannar Hima V. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Class. : M.Sc.(IT & CA)
Rank :
Gajera Jaydeep K.
M.Sc.(IT & CA) SEM-1
Rank -2 Padaliya Shruti D. M.Sc.(IT & CA) SEM-3

IT QUIZ - [05/09/2016]
Rank-1 :
Chadasania Mausamiben Mansukhlal
Chapadiya Savan Shaileshbhai
Zakhaniya Janviben Vipulbhai
Rank-2 :
Muliyashiya Raju Lakhmanbhai
Nakiya Navneet Mansukhbhai
Mehta Neel Subhashchandra
B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5
Rank-3 :
Ghodasara Akshay Sureshbhai
Bhalani Mansiben Jaysukhbhai
Pipaliya Hemangiben Ashvinbhai

Activity : WPF Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. Kevin Ladani
Date   30/08/2016
Description : • Overview of WPF
• Introduction to different types of tools.
• Example of XAML designing.
• Different types of tool shape in WPF.
• Database connectivity in WPF

Activity : Expert Lecture
Given By   Dr. Hitesh Jasani
Date   20/10/2016
Description : Expert Lecture was deliverd on Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation

Activity : Azadi 70 Fortnight: Patriotic Song
Date   15/08/2016
Dedaniya Kirmee
B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-2 Bhalani Mansi B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Activity : Azadi 70 Fortnight: Slogan Writing
Date   14/08/2016
Rank :
Garsondiya Mansi P.
B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Azadi 70 Fortnight:Essay Writing
Date   13/08/2016
Rank :
Rank-1    Joshi Kinjal G. M.Sc.(MICRO) SEM-1

Activity : Seminar On Windows Based  Application Using Java Swing
Given By   Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara
Date   13/08/2016
Rank : • Windows based application using Java Swing

Activity : IIT Spoken Tutorial Guideline Seminar 
Given By   Asst. Prof. Seema Lalani
Date   13/08/2016
Description : • What is spoken tutorial  program?
• How to register ?
• Different  subjects exam & its tutorial .
• How to download the material?

Activity : Expert Lecture
Given By   Dr. Dharmesh Sherathia
Date   12/08/2016
Description : NCBI submission tools 

Activity : Women Empowerment Seminar: Mahila Arogya & Swachchhata Jagruti
Given By   Asst. Prof. Nehal Pandya
Date   12/08/2016
Description : • What is personal hygiene?
• Important of Hand washing.
• The anatomical behaviour that protect as naturally.

Activity : Azadi 70 Fortnight: Elocution Competition
Date   12/08/2016
Rank :
Kalariya Mansi A.
B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Activity : Women Empowerment Seminar
Given By   Asst. Prof. yesha Dave, Asst. Prof. Hemal Goswami,Asst. Prof. Dhara Rupavatiya,Asst. Prof. Mili Gandhi
Date   11/08/2016
Rank : introduction of mahila Sashktikaran Mahila Karmyogi Divas, Mahila Shramjivi Divas, 

Activity : World Lion Day-2016
Date   10/08/2016
Description : Arrange the Relly with Lion Mask to create the awareness for Lion Preservation.  

Activity : Seminar on Hibernet
Given By   Mr.Chetan Nasit Tops Technologies - Rajkot
Date   09/08/2016
Description : Hibernate framework in Advance java

Activity : Creative Design Using Photoshop & Ad. Web Content (Photoshop Workshop )
Given By   Asst. Prof. Kevin Ladani
Date   06/08/2016
Description : • Advance web content
• amazing slider,visual light box,wow slider)
• Basic photoshop tools Exercise
• creative poster and banner design
• Advance photoshop Exercise

Cultural & Sports Day - [04/08/2016]
Activity : Ornament Making
Rank :
Rank-1   Gondaliya Asha Keshavdas B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Badminton-Boys Competition
Rank :
Rank-1  Rathod Ketan Premjibhai B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3
Rank-2 Zankat Pritesh Jayantibhai B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-3 Fuletra Haril Harsukhlal B.Sc. SEM-3

Activity : Halvu Kanthya Sangit Competition
Rank :
Rank-1    Dedania Kirmee Snehalkumar B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-2 Joshi Shreya Mukeshbhai B.Sc.(BIOTECH) SEM-5

Activity : Cartooning Competition
Rank :
Rank-1    Bhalara Swatiben V. B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Rangoli Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Gondaliya Asha K. B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Nail Art Competitiont
Rank :
Rank-1 Gajera Vibhusha M. DMLT
Rank-2 Vadhiya Pankita B. B.Sc.(MICRO) SEM-5

Activity : Yogasan Competitionn
Rank :
Rank -1 Detroja Komalben R. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Activity : Elocution Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Kalariya Mansi Anilkumar B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5
Rank-2 Dave Umangi Pradyuman B.Sc. SEM-3

Activity : Flower Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Vyas Shreya Bharatbhai M.Sc.(Micro) SEM-1

Activity : Colage Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Chaniyara Vaishali C. B.SC.(BIOTECH) SEM-5

Activity : Volleyball Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Parmar Digpal Savdasbhai B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5
Rank-2 Ladani Jeetkumar M. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3
Rank -3 Bharvadiya Rajesh D. B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-4 Chadsaniya Vivek V. B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-5 Hinsu Meet N. B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-6 Bhayani Darshankumar D. B.Sc. (IT) SEM-3
Rank-7 Zala Hitesh Rameshbhai B.SC. SEM-1
Rank-8 Bamaniya Ketan Arjanbhai B.SC. SEM-1
Rank-9 Vaghamshi Hitesh Laljibhai B.Sc. SEM-3
Activity : Western Vocal Song Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Joshi Shreya Mukeshbhai B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Rakhi Making
Rank :
Rank-1 Raiyani Janhavi Rajeshbhai B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-2 Kikani Richa Kishorbhai B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-3 Virpariya Nijuben S. B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Drawing Competiton
Rank :
Rank-1 GajeraVidhi Dilipbhai M.Sc.(Micro)SEM-1 
Rank-2 Davara Nehaben Dilipbhai B.SC. SEM-1
Rank-3 Bhalala Swatiben K. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Activity : Letter Box making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Bhalani Mansiben J. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5

Activity : Badminton-Girls Competitionn
Rank :
Rank-1 Karia Srushti Bipinbhai B.Sc.(MICRO) SEM-5
Rank-2 Rajani Army Ashvinbhai B.Sc.(MICRO) SEM-5
Rank-3 Shilu Hetal Vinodray M.Sc.(MICRO) SEM-3

Activity : Debate Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Gohel Dushyant Nileshbhai B.Sc.(CHEM) SEM-5
Rank-2 Jobanputra Prakruti J. B.Sc.(BIOTECH) SEM-5

Activity : 100m Race Girls
Rank :
Rank-1 Dodiya Anjali Arajnbhai B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-2 Banugariya Krishna H. B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-3 Pansara Hetvi Ishwarbhai B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Group Song Competition
Selected Team :
Rank -1 Jobanputra Prakruti J. B.Sc.(BIOTECH) SEM-5
Joshi Shreya Mukeshbhai B.Sc.(BIOTECH) SEM-5
  Gajera Dhara L. B.Sc.(BIOTECH)
  Vala Vishvraj B B.Sc.(CHEM) SEM-5
  Chavda Priyank D. B.Sc.(BIOTECH) SEM-5

Activity : Salad Decoration
Rank :
Rank-1 Vyas Shreya B. M.Sc.(Micro) SEM-1
Activity : Slow Cycling Girls
Rank :
Rank-1 Shilu Hetal Vinodray M.Sc(MICRO) SEM-3
Rank-2 Chandarana Komal B. BCA SEM-1

Activity : Hardware Exhibition
Given By : Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval ,Asst. Prof. Kalpesh Rudani
Date : 30/07/2016
Description : Introduction to hardware instruments with detail description and photographs.

Activity : Chemistry/Maths/Bioscience Library Day
Date : 30/07/2016
Description : The books were exhibited to students and they have visited exhibition and get the information regarding books available in library.

Activity : OS-Ubantu Installation Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara
Date : 28/07/2016
Description : Asst. Prof. Abhishek Chaniyara has given this seminar to B. Sc. (IT) & BCA SEM-1 Student. He exaplined how to install Windows 2008.

Activity : IT Library Day
Given By : Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval , Asst. Prof. Kevin Ladani,
Date : 28/07/2016
Description : The books were exhibited to students and they have visited exhibition and get the information regarding books available in library.

Activity : Internet Awareness Seminar In IT Dept.
Given By : B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3 StudentS
Date : 19/07/2016
Description : What is Internet,  Browser, how to connect, searching techniques,e-mail, etc.

Activity : Expert Lecture
Given By : Asst. Prof. Gayatri Yadav
Date : 16/07/2016
Description : Beer Fermentation

Activity : Expert Lecture
Given By : Asst. Prof. Kinjal Patel
Date : 14/07/2016
Description : Expert Lecture was given on the topic of DNA Vaccine

Activity : Laravel Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof. Megha Koticha
Date : 13/07/2016
Description : • Introduction to Laravel.
• Features of laravel.
• MVC Architucture,directory structor

Activity : Celebration of  International Yog Day
Given By : Asst. Prof. Seema Lalani
Date : 21/06/2016
Description : Anctoring by:  Seema Lalani,
All the yoga are demonstrate by Detroja Komal R.(B.Sc.(IT) SEM-5) student

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