Co-curricular Activities [2018-19]

Students active outside the classroom, do better inside the classroom.
Activity : Shield Certificate Distribution Ceremony - 2019
Given By : Principal,Director,Managing Trustee,Trustee Members
Date : 23/03/2019
Description : Academic Rankers of 2017-18 and Acitivyt Rankers 2018-19 appreciated with shield/certificate

Activity : Seminar On Online Course
Given By : Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Date : 14/03/2019
Description :  What is Online Course
 Advantage and disadvantage of Online Course
 Popular website for different courses
 How to login and enrol to course

Competition : Elocution Competition – Youth Day
Rank :
Rank-1 Chapla Gopi K.  B.C.A SEM-2

Competition : Poster Making Competition – Youth Day
Rank :
Rank-1 Mandaliya Riddhi R.  B.Sc.SEM-6

Given By : Asst. Prof. Bhavika Hirani
Date : 08/03/2019
Description : - What is Dye?
- Classification of Dye,
- Isolation and characterization of dye degrading bacteria,
- Primary and secondary screening.

Competition : Programming Compition F.Y / S.Y - 2019
Rank :
Rank-1 VANDRA ANSHUL B.  B.Sc.(I.T) SEM - 4

Competition : Programming Compition M.Sc.(I.T & C.A) / T.Y - 2019
Rank :
Rank-1 Shobhashana Khyati M.  M.Sc.(I.T & C.A) SEM - 2
Rank-2 Rathod Hardik K. B.Sc.(I.T) SEM-5

Activity : Expert Lecture on science behind the ritual
Given By : Asst. Prof. Bansi Aghera
Date : 21/01/2019
Description : role of science in daily life

Activity : Visit to Old Age Home
Date : 19/01/2019
Description : Students interact with old persons and gave them shawl

Activity : Expert Lecture on phage therapy
Given By : Asst. Prof. Ankita Chavda
Date : 18/01/2019
Description : - Expert Lecture on phage therapy
- Introductionpreparation of phage
- Application and importance

Activity : Hardware Exhibition 2019
Given By : Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya, Asst. Prof. Parag Vadaria
Date : 11/01/2019
Description : Introduction to hardware instruments with detail description.

Activity : Expert talk on referencing styles and citation
Given By : Asst. Prof. Mili Gandhi
Date : 10/01/2019
Description : Expert lecture delivered about different referencing styles to be used in review or research writing with difference between bibliography and references and also suggested different soft wares or tools for reference writing

Activity : Personality Development Seminar 2019
Given By : Asst. Prof. Sejal Jadav
Date : 01/01/2019
Description : Body Language, Importance of Communication Skill, Ethics to be followed, types of personality

Activity : Resume Building Seminar
Given By : Asst. Prof Pritesh Madlani
Date : 29/12/2018
Description : • Importance of Resume
• Build Effective Resume
• Demonstrate Sample Resume Building for IT Student

Activity : Expert Lecture on Cancer Cell Biology
Given By : Asst. Prof. Nirav Makadiya
Date : 26/12/2018
Description : Expert talk on Cancer Cell Biology covered Basics of cancer, Cancer genetics, Reasons for Cancer, Carcinogenesis, Tumour oncology, Cancer diagnosis & existing therapies available for treatment along with the Question/Doubt solving Brainstorming Session

Activity : Girnar Nature Camp
Date : 22,23/12/2018
Description : Junagadh Forest Department, Prakruti Shikshan Sibir, Khadiya.

Competition : Nativity Set Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Dodiya Dixitaben K.  B.Sc.SEM-4
Satasiya Priya A. B.Sc.SEM-4
Zankat Devsmitaben V B.Sc.SEM-4
Aghera Mansi K. B.Sc.SEM-4
Barad Vandanaben B. B.Sc.SEM-6

Activity : Seminar on Online Courses (MOOC Courses)
Date : 15/12/2018
Description : Seminar Covered Detailed procedure of enrolment into online course along with introduction to E-learning and Online Courses (MOOC Courses)

Activity : Karate Training
Date : 26/11/2018
Description : Durga Foundation – Junagadh
Activities: Social Activities, Women Empower, National Dev. Activities, Environment Awareness, Addiction Prohibition
“Sanman Patra” given to College

Activity : Language Workshop (PYTHON)
Given By : Expert of R.K. University
Date : 23/11/2018
Description : • Python Introduction, Calculation, Programming [Session : 1]
• Hands-on Practice[Session : 2]

Activity : Advance Tools & Technology Seminar [IT Dept.]
Date : 02,03/10/2018
Description : Two days workshoop is arrend for the final year students of IT. Experts are invited from different companies to guide the students about the current topics and trends in IT. Seminar on Mobile Spy,IOT,Web design,Flash & Illustrator is arranged.

Activity : IT Library Day
Given By : Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval , Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Date : 19/09/2018
Description : The books were exhibited to students and they have visited exhibition and get the information regarding books available in library.

Activity : Chemistry/Maths/Bioscience Library Day
Given By : Asst. Prof. Raxit Maradiya,Asst. Prof. Maulik Raja
Date : 13/09/2018
Description : The books were exhibited to students and they have visited exhibition and get the information regarding books available in library.

Activity : Faculty Seminar on BGV & National Academic Depository
Date : 13/09/2018
Given By   Asst Prof . Shruti Joshi
Description : • Background Varification & National Academic Depository
• Reference checking format, background investigation, bgv check process, bgv check result, limitation of bgv
• About NAD, NAD student registration

Activity : Faculty Seminar on Dark web and Deep web
Date : 07/09/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Sejal Jadav
Description : • Introduction to Dark web and Deep Web
• How it work. Advantages and Disadvantages

Competition : Well Dress Princess
Rank :
Rank-1 Vekariya Vasudhabahen R.  B.Sc.SEM-5
Rank-2 Vaghasiya Charmi B. B.Sc.SEM-5
Rank-3 Bhut Madhavi R. M.Sc.(CHEM) SEM - 3

Activity : Seminar on IoT
Date : 28/08/2018
Given By   Mr. Badresh Gosai -Tops Technology From Ahmedabad
Description : • Introduction of IoT
• Application Of IoT

Activity : Seminar on Java Framework
Date : 24/08/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Ashish Pandya
Description : • Introduction to different java framework
• Introduction to IDE
• Application of Spring,Hibrnate,EJB framework • JDBC with Spring

Activity : Seminar on : Negativity to Positivity
Date : 23/08/2018
Given By   Miss.Bhavnaben
Description : • Students were motivated to think positive.

Activity : Semianr on Ethical Hacking
Date : 23/08/2018
Given By   Mr. Hardik PArmar
Description : • What is Ethical Hacking
• How to by pass OTP
• How to hack webcam

Cultural Activity - [15/08/2018]
Activity : Cartooning Competition
Rank :
Rank-1   Sondarva Malay V. B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-2   Chudasama Beena B. B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-3   Desai Smruti A. B.Sc. SEM-3

Activity : Halvu Kanthya Sangeet
Rank :
Rank-1   Vandra Anshul B. B.Sc.((IT) SEM-3
Rank-2   Thakar Darpanbhai S. M.Sc.(Micro) SEM-3

Activity : Collage Competition
Rank :
Rank-1   Batak Soheb A. B.Sc. SEM - 3

Activity : Debate Competition
Rank :
Rank-1   GOHEL DUSHYANT N M.Sc.(Chemistry) SEM - 3

Activity : Western Vocal Competition
Rank :
Rank-1   Meghanathi Ravigiri M. D.M.L.T

Competition   Elocution Competition
Rank :
Rank-1 Chapla Gopi K. B.C.A SEM - 1
Rank-2 Gohel Dushyant N. M.Sc.(Chemistry) SEM-3
Rank-3 Jalu Shital M B.Sc. SEM-5
Rank-3 Chavda Priyank D. B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Group Song Competition
Boys :
Vakatar Jayesh C B.C.A SEM - 3
Patoliya Aashuta P. B.Sc. SEM - 3
Sureja Keshvi V. B.Sc. SEM - 3
Satasiya Priya A. B.Sc. SEM - 3
Zankat Devsmitaben V. B.Sc. SEM- 3

Activity : Rakhi Making Competition
Rank :
Rank-1   Virpariya Nijuben S. M.SC.Chem SEM - 3
Rank-2   Sangani Avani G. B.C.A SEM-5
Rank-3   Gopani Dhara C. B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-4   Kaneriya Prexa G. B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-5   Chavda Ami S. B.Sc. SEM - 5

Competition   100m Race Competition
Boys :
Rank-1 Vakatar Jayesh C. B.C.A SEM - 3
Rank-2 Lakhani Shyamal A. B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-3 Chovatiya Dhruv R. B.Sc. SEM - 5
Rank-3 Chavda Priyank Dineshbhai B.Sc. SEM - 5
Girls :
Rank-1 Parmar Nishthaben D. B.SC. SEM - 3
Rank-2 Pithiya Kanchan M. B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-3 Pithiya Kanchan M. B.Sc. SEM - 1
Rank-3 Dangar Khushbuben K. B.Sc. SEM - 1

Activity : Cycling Competition
Boys :
Rank-1   Vandra Anshul B. B.Sc.(IT) SEM - 3
Rank-2   Kukadiya Hemalkumar P. B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3
Rank-3   Chovatiya Dhruv R. B.Sc. SEM-5

Girls :
Rank-1   Vamja Nensee A. B.Sc. SEM - 3
Rank-2   Vadaliya Drashti M. B.Sc. SEM-5

Activity : Badminton Competition
Boys :
Rank-1   Kardani Dhaval J. B.Sc.(IT) SEM - 5
Rank-2   Chaniyara Dhimantkumar H. B.C.A SEM-5
Rank-3   Barad Akshay B. B.Sc. SEM-1

Girls :
Rank-1   Odedra Priya N. M.Sc.(Micro) SEM - 1
Rank-2   Bharai Madhu P B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-3   Gohil Foramben J B.Sc. SEM-3

Activity : Folk Dance Competition
Rank - 1 :
No. 1   Aghera Mansi K. B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 2   Gardhariya Avani J B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 3   Jadav Vibhuti R. B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 4   Maradia Jinal R. B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 4   Vachhani Janvi B B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 5   Makwana Rajeshree B. B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 6   Bhatt Isha P. B.Sc. SEM-3
No. 7   Makavana Ravina M. B.Sc. SEM-3

B.Sc.(I.T) / BCA SEM-1
Rank-1 :
Gohel Hardik
Chapla Gopi
Satvara Astha
B.Sc.(I.T) / BCA SEM-1
Rank-2 :
Vaghamshi Yugant
Karia Heer
Mehta Yesha
B.Sc.(IT) / B.C.A SEM-3
Rank-3 :
Vandra Anshul
Gojiya Anjana
Thesiya Kandarp

Chemistry Quiz
B.Sc. SEM-5
Rank-1 :
Gohel Nidhi P.
Virapariya Brijesh A.
Dedaniya Priyankkumar V.
B.Sc. SEM-5
Rank-2 :
Ram Jyotiben J.
Vekariya Vasudhabahen R.
Kachhadiya Aelavis D.

Bioscience QUIZ
B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-1 :
Bhalodiya Poojaben A
Parmar Meenaxi P.
Kargatiya Jagrutiben K.
B.Sc. SEM-5
Rank-2 :
Barad Purvangiben R.
Bodar Dipali R.
Vikani Happyben J.
B.Sc. SEM-1
Rank-3 :
Trambadia Janki D.
Padalia Janki A.
Gopani Dhara C.

Activity : Badminton-Boys Competition
Rank :
Rank-1  Rathod Ketan Premjibhai B.Sc.(IT) SEM-3
Rank-2 Zankat Pritesh Jayantibhai B.Sc. SEM-3
Rank-3 Fuletra Haril Harsukhlal B.Sc. SEM-3

Activity : English awareness seminar
Date : 13/08/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Ankita Chavda
Description : • Importance of English
• Skills to develop English
• How to use English dictionary
• Skills to develop English writing practice

Activity : Seminar on R Science
Date : 10/08/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Vyanktesh Raval
Description : • Introduction to R
• How Data is Extrect from diffrent source
• How data is convert into unstructured to structured format

Activity : Seminar on Internet Awareness
Date : 03/08/2018
Given By   Babwani Azim & Babwani Asiya (students of B.Sc.(IT) - Sem-5)
Description : • Intro. Of Internet, history, merit/limitations
• Web elements, website visit, email creating, sending and receiving, Intro. Of search engine
• Directory Structure
• Different searching techniques in google

Activity : Seminar on Page Setup
Date : 03/08/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Krishna Kandoria
Description : • How to setup page
• margin, mirror margin
• print options for documentation

Activity : Seminar on TCSiON & Career Guidance
Date : 31/07/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof .Megha Koticha
Description : • Information regarding TCSiOn
• How to appear in different module exam
• Training at TCS
• TCS-ignite

Activity : Faculty Seminar on Google Duplex
Date : 20/07/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Pritesh Madlani
Description : • Google Duplex is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat agent that can carry out specific verbal tasks
• Duplex is built on a recurrent neural network (RNN) using TensorFlow Extended
• a general purpose machine learning platform used at Google

Activity : GSBTM seminar
Date : 18/07/2018
Given By   DR. Praveen Gupta
Description : • seminar was regarding gsbtm workshop organized for preperation of competitive exams for under graduate students.

Activity : Hands on training workshop on Foldscope- frugal innovation in teaching and research
Date : 16/07/2018
Given By   Dr. Soughata Ghosh
Description : • Foldscope is paper microscope.
• what is foldscope , how to make the foldscope , how to operate,
• How to operate
• How to handle it, such information was given

Activity : Faculty seminar on Electrophoresis
Date : 14/07/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof. Kinjal Patel
Description : • Electrophoresis DEMO of serum protein separation

Activity : Faculty Seminar on Code Igniters
Date : 13/07/2018
Given By   Asst. Prof .Megha Koticha
Description : • Introduction to Code Ignite
• MVC Architecture
• Directory Structure
• Creating Model, Creating Controller, Database Configuration

Activity : Stress Management Seminar
Date : 06/07/2018
Given By Dr. Visin Kathad
Description : • What is stress?
• Types of stress
• symptoms of stress and Cure of stress to overcome from it

Activity : Seminar on Enterpreneurship
Date : 05/07/2018
Given By Prof. Brijesh garala and Prof. Juli K. Babariya
Description : • It was regarding he entrepreneurship program for girls above the age of 18 by the centre for entrepreneurship development
• What is entrepreneurship.
• How student can enrol in CED

Activity : Celebration of  International Yog Day
Location : CCSIT College
Date : 21/06/2018
Description : Yog session is arranged. Time 7:45 to 9:00 On TV Yog programme(Ayush) was displayed and student has done the yoga accordingly.

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